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Looking for complete and flexible solutions for your home and office? Its mission is to provide the best service and benefits that common people require for running a happy home and an efficient organization. The company has negotiated significant discounts with top U.S. companies on the goods and services that people make use of almost every day. The combined purchasing power of its clients allows My Home Solution to offer discounts reserved usually for big business. It is committed for maximizing the profit of its patrons by helping them save their cash and making smart decisions on purchase.

The prime objective of My Home Office Solution is to provide comfort and pleasure to its privileged customers. Be it �my home office solutions’, �my home office solutions llc’ or �home office solutions’, My Home Office Solutions delivers all solutions for its consumers with a unique stroke.

The benefits enjoyed by its clientele include Unlimited Internet Access, 500 Min. of Domestic Long Distance Calling per month, Free Healthcare Benefits, Advanced Credit Profile, Pre-screened Professionals, Office Depot Discount Savings, Free Legal Advice, Insurance Policy Enforcement and Free Tenant & Nanny Screening.

Unlimited Internet Access

My Home Office Solutions (MHOS-Online) delivers high speed, reliable connections that combine the best in class service from 4 major carriers to provide seamless high speed internet access you can count on. By virtue of unlimited Dial-up Internet Access, you will be able to access numbers nationwide utilizing the nation’s largest broadband carriers. Its multi network backbone helps fast downloading and enhanced email delivery.

500 Min. of Domestic Long Distance Calling a Month

The members of myhomeofficesolutions get a 500 minute PIN and access code for long distance calls within US.

Free Healthcare Benefits

You can save your buck on availing medical benefits from My Home Office Solutions. Here you can enjoy Dental Services at 25% to 70% discounts from more than 20,000 dental providers nationwide, Pharmacy Discount at 15%-40% below average wholesale prices at more than 45,000 pharmacies nationwide, Vision Care with 10% to 40% off on frames, lenses, tints, sunglasses & contacts, Alternative Medicine Health Network consisting of 20% to 30% discounts for acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, Chiropractic Care – Free consultation and up to 50% savings with unlimited visits at over 14,000 chiropractors nationwide and Diabetic Testing supply discounts of 5%-30%.

Advanced Credit Profile

My Home Office Solutions provides you with advice, information and downloads to help you improve your personal credit score. Plus you have access to a team of experts who can help you check your personal credit, analyze your credit report, dispute negative items, consider the debt to income ratio, analyze your revolving debt ratio, discuss alternative personal credit strategies and create strategies for maintaining your personal credit.

Pre-screened Professionals-The pre-screened professionals of My Home Office solutions take the hassle out of finding the right contractor.

Office Depot Discount Savings-Office Depot has partnered with Small Business Organization to offer all the active participants of Small Business Organization huge savings at Office Depot. You can turn to Office Depot for a “One Stop Shop” solution for obtaining Office Supplies like paper, toner and machines, Office Furniture, Promotional Products and Technology.

Free Legal Advice-Whether you have a pre-existing issue or just need peace of mind, you can consult with the very best attorneys at no cost regardless of Area of Law, Language Spoken and Geographic Location.

Insurance Policy Enforcement Insurance Policy Enforcement service of My Home Office Solutions is devoted to shield the interests of policyholders. It enforces insurance carrier obligations through creative alternatives to litigation and negotiates with insurers in an effort to obtain a fair settlement, prepares preliminary coverage evaluations for claims and presents claims to insurance carriers in a comprehensive manner to initiate the trigger of coverage.

Free Tenant & Nanny Screening

The Free Tenant & Nanny Screening service of myhomeofficesolutions can help you to take confident decisions regarding property or trusting your children.

Hurry to sign up now with myhomeofficesolutions and invigorate yourself with its versatile solutions for both your home and office.